5 Best Baby Toy Gift Ideas of the Year

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5 Best Baby Toys Gift Ideas of the Year |Yourtoy Box

Buying a gift for a child of any age can be a daunting task – but it is doubly difficult when trying to find the right baby toys. There are so many things to take care of – design safety, how appropriate the toy is, whether the toy contains anything that your baby might be allergic to – the list is nearly endless. It can be quite the ordeal, indeed! 

We’re here to make your job just a little bit easier with some gift ideas for your little one. The items that we’re talking about include awesome Baby Born Dolls and Little Baby Bum toys – so quality is already a given. What’s more, we’ll also give some pointers on what toy is the most suitable for a given scenario. That’ll make sure you’ll be providing only the best baby toys for both your own precious one and as a gift for the newborns of the loved ones in your life. So, without further ado, let’s get into it! 

Little Baby Bum Twinkle Plush

Plushies are always perfect as one of the first baby toys for your child. They are soft to the touch, contain no small/moving parts, and are insanely huggable! The Twinkle Plush is no exception: it is a cute little star with a warm blanket in tow! 

As you may have guessed, the plush is modelled after the nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and this theme extends to another feature. That’s right! The plush plays a soothing version of the song simply by pressing its belly. And best of all, it is machine washable too!

Little Baby Bum Wiggling Wheels on the Bus

Another brilliant addition to the line of Little Baby Bum toys, the Wheels on the Bus plush, is more of an appropriate toy when your child starts crawling around. This toy is similar to the Twinkle plush – squeezing the bus will produce a beautiful rendition of Wheels on the Bus

However, what is different here is that Buster, the bus, actually starts wiggling along on the floor at a gentle pace when squeezed a second time! The slow movement encourages your little one to chase after it and helps them learn motor skills. 

Baby Born My First Swim Girl 

Baby Born dolls make an excellent entry point, for your baby, into the world of figurines. The My First Swim Girl model is especially perfect for this purpose – it is relatively simple and has no clothing and other choking hazards. 

The doll would be a lovely companion to your child during bathtime – not only is it safe to use in water, but it is also designed to be played within the bathtub! All you have to do is wind its arms backward and it actually starts swimming, without the use of any batteries! Time for some fun in the bathroom!

Little Baby Bum Old MacDonald’s Memory Game

The Little Baby Bum Old MacDonald’s Memory Game toy is maybe something you can introduce to your child when they’re beginning to actively learn from their surroundings. As babies have a fantastic sense of curiosity, they’ll want to explore and understand everything around them. A memory game is perfect to supplement this process! 

The Old MacDonald’s Memory Game comes with two sets of five iconic characters from the famous nursery rhyme. Each character gets to hide under a “haystack”, which you can flip over to show your child and make them remember their position. Your child will definitely love the adorable animals and take them to the game like a duck to water. Quack quack!

Baby Born Soft Touch Series 

The Soft Touch series of Baby Born dolls are some of the finest realistic dolls you can get on the market. The dolls are incredibly lifelike and are tailor-made to give some insight into what caring for a toddler is like. A slightly older child of around three years or so would be delighted by such baby toys! 

The doll has movable limbs and comes in a cute onesie. Along with this are a host of accessories for a good parenting experience, such as a feeding bottle, a nappy, a potty, some play ‘food’ and a bracelet. The doll also comes in brown eyes and boy versions, so just have a look and find the best one for your child – teach them responsible parenting!  

You can find all of the adorable products mentioned in this article, along with so much more, right here.  

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