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Learning while playing with Little Baby Bum Toys

Most can agree when we say that our childhoods, especially the formative years, would be so unimaginably boring without toys. After all, toys have existed for nearly as long as we have; we created them because kids are meant to play with them. While so engrossed in playing with our toys and friends. We seem to forget an important role our play had – as teachers!

Yes, while the primary purpose of a toy is to keep a child engrossed in whatever they’re doing. They can also be highly instructional and impart a lot of information to the kids about their surroundings. Toys such as Hungry Hungry Hippos and Little Baby Bum toys are great fun. They also help your child become a little more aware of the world around them. 

Now, it isn’t necessary to cut out some pure harmless fun from your kids’ lives. However, the best toys are the ones that combine entertainment and education in the right doses.

Let there be music in their life!

Nothing is more enjoyable for a growing tot than hearing (and singing!) the many nursery rhymes taught in school. You know what we’re talking about! They’re humming a tune when you go to pick them up, in the shower, screaming it out loud where possible. Quite obviously, rhymes and songs are a very important part of their life. 

That is why these Little Baby Bum toys and plushies would make for the best of toys for your child. Not only are they soft and very huggable, but they also have hidden abilities!

For example, the Little Baby Bum Wheels on the Bus toy is an adorable plushie. It plays the popular nursery rhyme of the same name as you cuddle it. What’s more, the wheels wiggle around as the bus is playing the tune, encouraging your kid to crawl behind it!

Or maybe the Little Baby Bum Twinkle Plush is more your style. This toy features an adorable little star plushie that plays, you guessed it, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! It is the perfect plushie for your kid to cuddle as they go to sleep. The song is a gentle lullaby, after all, and it even has a blanket attached to it. Both plushies are machine washable and easy to maintain. This means your kid gets to have lots of cuddles for a long time!       

For a more direct approach 

If you are looking for a more out-and-out educational toy, then memory games like the Old MacDonald’s memory game should be right in your lane. Mixing and matching objects and images seem fun at all ages, of course, but more importantly, they supplement your kid’s learning process by providing the exact stimuli with their brain needs. 

Obviously, the sole reason that memory games were created is to make sure the player jogs their mind and increases their capacity to remember stuff. This is just the tip of the iceberg. However, memory games also greatly improve your child’s critical thinking skills and ability to concentrate, two of the most crucial brain functions.

With that in mind, the Old MacDonald’s memory game from Little Baby Bum will suit your needs perfectly. The set has some very appropriate elements: all the animals named in the song are given a pair of figures each. The game requires you to remember the order of each animal in the song, and there are instructions to help you play the game even with another person. There’s even a particular version for playing the nursery rhyme itself! Now, this is just the right thing to get your kid’s brain running! 

You can find all these amazing educational toys, along with so many more, right here.     

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