Cast A spell with the ultimate Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas!

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Cast A spell with the ultimate Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas!

Everything about a Harry Potter-themed party must be magical! Be it the Harry Potter toys for kids, the décor, games or even, for that matter, the cake! 

Host a magical experience of a Harry Potter-themed party with these budget-friendly ideas!

Select a Black and Golden Colour Scheme.

The first thing guests will notice when they enter is the decor and food! Anyone who has ever watched Harry Potter can instantly pick up on a theme if you have reds, yellows or black. To get started with planning for this event think of colours between these two themes that would work well together.

Harry Potter-themed games

Believe it or not, your party game possibilities are endless! With some awesome party games, you will be able to keep the kids entertained for hours. What’s more, is they’re going to love being immersed in a Harry Potter-themed atmosphere. You can set out themed treasure hunts, potion-making games or the best of them all – host a puzzle battle off! To buy the hot-selling 1000 piece Harry Potter puzzle which brings Harry Potter and other Hogwarts characters to life.

Return Favours

You’re throwing the most amazing Harry Potter themed party, and you want everyone to remember it? Be sure that your return favours are as magical as they come! If your colour, games, décor, and the entire party is Harry Potter themed, how can you miss out on the return favours? Give the power of magic in the form of a magic wand keychain or give them the mightiest sword – Harry Potter themed pencil! Below we have included the link to buy the hot-selling magic wand keychains and pencil toppers for your return gifts for your party:


Are you planning to spend dollars and dollars for hiring someone for your decorations? Stop it right away! Save all that money and make your own re-usable décor! Plush character keychains, magic wand keychains and coloured papers (blue, red, golden, and black) can be the perfect sustainable decors that can be used later as toys! You can use these plush toys for gifting the most happening Harry Potter toys for toddlers! Find the link to buy the hot-selling plush keychain, which can be arranged or hanged as the quirkiest party décor:

Custom invites

How will your guests know that they have to be dressed as their favourite Harry Potter character if the invitation doesn’t hint towards a Harry Potter theme? Let your guests know what they must be looking forward to by stamping your invite letters with Harry Potter stampers! Find the link below to find the hot-selling Harry Potter stampers:

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