Floor puzzles and why kids love them

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Floor Puzzles and Why Kids Love them

Let’s face it – among the tonnes of toys that moulded your childhood, solving kids puzzle games certainly are up there as some of the most fun activities you’ve taken part in. Well, it also helps that your parents saw them as ‘educational toys’. Therefore only confiscated your action figures when you misbehaved. Your parents were absolutely right about puzzles being quite the learning experience! That’s because floor puzzles strike a fine balance. While providing lots of enjoyment for children and adults alike, they’re also critical for the development of certain skills. 

Geometry Aces, Right From Kindergarten 

Take, for instance, the very act of playing with a floor puzzle. What your child is doing right there is learning first to put just two pieces together. Then another, and so on till they have one section of the puzzle ready. Within just this section of puzzle building, your kid’s learning the ins and outs of shapes. These maybe far more complex than the basic ones taught in their school. Not only that, but they’re also beginning to recognize inverses: one side of a puzzle piece is the inverse shape of a side of another piece, and only these two pieces can line up perfectly with each other. Phew, talk about a fun math lesson! 

We’re only as strong as our least appealing link. 

Next, they learn, in due time, of course, that each piece they used to complete the puzzle is just as important as the rest. Sure, in the puzzle set of a candy store, the puzzle pieces that have the cakes printed on them might look the most appealing to your kid. However, they’ll find out soon enough that it seems rather incomplete without the puzzle piece corresponding to the box of flour. It may be plain, and not look tasty at all, but the satisfaction of completing the puzzle more than makes up for it!

Young Sleuths Galore! 

Of course, the most basic lessons learnt by a child from playing with floor puzzles are some of the most critical requirements for the development of a child. Take a seemingly simple floor puzzle of a bunch of cute puppies in the garden. The mere act of placing a piece on the floor can seem so trivial. It is anything but! Your child is making an impressive number of calculations, all at the same time: “Is this piece even supposed to go here? Well, okay, if not here, then where? Aah, the top left corner seems to be a better fit for this one. It even looks like the labrador’s ear! Wait, if I place it there, then I have only spots left, and drat! None of the remaining pieces in my hand will fit in there!”    

That’s right, be it problem-solving, critical thinking, or judgement of situations during times of pressure, puzzles are an engaging way to test all of these skills and much more. 

And finally, adding to this formidable repertoire of skills is one of the reasons floor puzzles were even developed in the first place – the development of the visual and perception abilities of your child. 

These abilities are nurtured better when your child interacts with vibrant, colourful toys and accessories, and it is no different when it comes to floor puzzles. It could be beautiful, natural landmarks, a commanding view of the horizon or even themed, abstract art; your child will learn by leaps and bounds with the help of the best ‘educational toys’ around. 
So, what are you waiting for? Go on and get the floor puzzle best suited for your child, something only a diligent parent would know! You can find all sorts of puzzles right here.

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