How a Doll can Become Your Best Friend?

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How a Doll can Become Your Best Friend? | YourToyBox

One of the highlights of your childhood would be the time you spent frolicking around and play-acting with your dolls. Those memories evoke a strong sense of nostalgia, don’t they? Well, if you’re concerned that your kids won’t have the same joyful experience, don’t worry! The current generation has access to so many high-quality dolls on the market. Realistic soft-touch baby born dolls, incredibly stylish Rainbow High fashion dolls and the classic Baby Annabell dolls are just some of the Fashion and Nurturing Dolls available right now. 

If you’re getting just a teensy bit stressed by the pressure of buying the perfect doll. We’re here to tell you that we have the situation under control!

Here you’ll find a few dolls that we guarantee you’ll find absolutely fitting as an excellent gift. You may even want to buy it for your little one. 

Bad Hair Day? What’s that? 

Your child will definitely know that there are some days when their hair simply doesn’t obey the laws of physics! You can take your best comb through them and work your hardest. But sometimes, the strands will not listen to your commands. While your kids may dread working on their own hair, it is a very different matter when customizing their dolls. And that is where L.O.L dolls’ #Hairvibes tots come into the picture. 

Each one of the 12 child-like dolls comes in a cute egg-like box. Making it a nice and unique unboxing experience. The dolls themselves are cute, and they have beautiful hairdos that are also changeable! That’s right, each doll comes with three hairpieces that you can mix and match, along with multiple accessories. What’s more, since all the dolls are of the same mold, you can use the hairpiece from one doll on another. They look just as beautiful with it! 

For The Ultimate Glamping Experience

Having a fun road trip without worrying about school is probably one of the biggest dreams we had as children. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made this dream a little bit of a difficult task. Don’t you worry, though, if your kids really want to play-act what they think is the perfect camping trip, then we have a pretty good substitute – the L.O.L Surprise 4-in-1 Glamper

This is a dollhouse taken to a whole another level. Imagine a house, car, runaway and a light-up pool all rolled into one, and you begin to get the idea. That’s right. You can transform the Glamper into all of these spaces! 

It contains a whopping 50+ accessories, and even better, it is perfectly compatible for playing with any L.O.L dolls. It sounds like the perfect camping trip to us! 

Traditionally Designed Dolls more your style? 

If you are looking out for dolls that are the way you remember them from your childhood. Then we got you covered there too! The L.O.L dolls’ OMG collection has some really awesome figurines, including this Miss Independent core doll. Each box contains 1 of 4 beautifully designed dolls, with their unique hair and sense of style. The box also contains more than a dozen accessories. With the clincher being the dressing room where you can keep her stuff!  

Also part of the OMG collection is the 2020 Jukebox B.B collector doll. Talk about snazzy: the doll wears a super cool jazz outfit with shiny threads all around! She looks like a real musical queen, and as you’re about to find out, she acts like one too. That’s because the collector doll is housed in an awesome jukebox. It can play a bunch of different songs when you insert a token. Now that’s groovy! 

You can find all of the amazing dolls mentioned here, along with so many more awesome toys, right here.  

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