How Can I Make My LOL Dolls More Fashion

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How Can I Make My LOL Dolls More Fashionable

L.O.L Surprise Dolls are the latest generation of fashion dolls taking the world by storm. L.O.L Surprise Dolls are very popular in Australia.. And why wouldn’t they? The dolls are absolutely cute and are insanely customisable – there are literally dozens of hairstyles to choose from!

If you need some pointers to buy  L.O.L Surprise online, we have an article giving you precisely that right here

This piece, however, will be assuming that you have already managed to buy a LOL Doll. 

Now sure, a regular doll already has a bunch of customisable features. However, the great thing about the LOL Dolls brand is the fact that they also provide accessories for everything you could possibly imagine! We’re talking hair extensions/clips/whole wigs, dresses, and even detailed house sets. That’s right! A whole new world awaits your little one – so let’s get into it! 

A Glam House For a Glam Doll

Living in a house, all by yourself, making “serious” decisions like what’s for breakfast or what outfit you’re wearing to your “office” – play-acting as a doll’s housemate is one of the kids’ biggest dreams. Now, you can make that dream come true with the LOL Dolls Surprise OMG House

The house is absolutely massive in scale – it has six rooms across three stories, with a working elevator! At the same time, it also has dozens of small features that add to immersive role-play. For example, the kitchen alone has a table with two matching chairs, a counter with actual utensils to be placed on it and a tiny fridge with doors that open! And there are five more rooms like this, along with a swimming pool to boot. It has to be said: this is the perfect companion to your child’s LOL Dolls collection. 

Boys Get to Have Fun Too! 

Your child may know that there are 12 different LOL Doll girls (they’ve probably collected them already!). The thing is, each of these characters has a matching brother. And trust us, the guys are just as glamorous as their siblings!

With the LOL Surprise Boys set of toys, you now get a chance to collect all 12 of them. Each toy sphere will contain a LOL Doll picked at random. Now that you can buy these LOL Dolls in Australia, it’s time to play mix n’ match with siblings! 

And, as if that weren’t enough, the LOL Dolls Boys collection now has an arcade heroes version of each character. That’s right! Each LOL Surprise Boys Arcade Heroes box contains a doll in a futuristic yet fashionable set of armour. There’s also a host of accessories to be used to glam up the dolls! 

Make their LOL Doll Experience Even More Immersive!

Playing with the dolls is a rewarding experience by itself, we agree. However, for a child that lives and breathes LOL Dolls, the few hours of playtime every week is surely not going to be enough. No worries – we have a way to make sure that they use their time productively even as they get to live some more in the world of LOL Dolls. 

How! Do you ask? Introducing: the LOL Surprise Activity Pack! Each pack contains an activity set designed to keep your child engaged with colouring and writing tasks for hours. Along with this, the pack also has stick-on earrings, a set of BFF necklaces, a drink bottle, a tattoo set and a sticker book. To top it all off, the pack also comes with a complete skirt and bow set! Needless to say, it is an ideal gift, both for your precious one and as a birthday present for any other child in your life. 

You can find all of the magnificent LOL Doll products mentioned in this article, along with so much more, right here. 

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