How to Buy the Right Electronic Toys for Your Kids

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Buy the Right Electronic Toys for Your Kids

Let’s face it, a huge portion of the toys available in the market are going to be electronic or battery operated. With how fast today’s world has progressed. It is only natural that we get some really advanced and awesome electronic toys for kids too. Take this karaoke microphone, for instance. This wonderful gadget functions as both a speaker and a mic; that’s right, it can be your very own take-anywhere karaoke machine! 

The thing is, with everything that can be made possible thanks to technology. There are certainly going to be a few toys that just won’t be the right fit for your little one. It can be something that is beyond their age group (surely a 4 year old won’t have much use for a robotics set?) or it could be straight-up inappropriate. Yes, some toys (and parents really stretch the definitions of what should be a toy) just shouldn’t be in the hands of your precious one. 

So let’s take you through some pointers to help you buy the right electronic toys for your kid. The right electronic toy will maximize your kid’s joy and learning.

Clear no-no: Smartphones! 

Look, we get it – smartphones, whether you like them or not, have become pretty indispensable in the modern-day. And since your kids see you use it all the time for important stuff like work, they are naturally drawn into the allure of the tiny screens and the magical world that lies behind them.

In strictly supervised moderation, this shouldn’t be a problem. But giving a smartphone to a child that barely understands the internet? That is a recipe for disaster. This is especially the case for toddlers: even simple games can be dangerously addictive.

Okay… So how do you replace the smartphone?  

Well then, a smartphone can also be pretty useful because it does so much more than just access the internet, we hear you say. You’re right, a phone’s pretty useful for stuff like telling the time, taking good pictures, and of course, keeping you updated on your child’s whereabouts. Thing is, other devices can perform these tasks just as well – and they look absolutely cute when doing it! 

We’re talking about the Little Tikes Tobi Smartwatch – a tech marvel that will elevate your child’s digital experience! The watch comes with a snazzy touch screen that can let your kids access the watch’s timer, alarm and pedometer features. Of course, it also has a camera that can click photos of the pretty outdoors when your kid is out in the backyard. Best of all, it is bluetooth compatible so you can always stay in touch with them!             

Toys can thrill too! 

So now that we’ve gone over the digital side of things, it is time to focus on purely electronic gadgets. Here, the mantra is twofold, and quite simple to follow: One, always avoid toys that require your kids to be sedentary. 

Two, remote controlled toys are usually perfect for children above the age of 8 or so, as they require pretty intense hand-eye coordination – but they also reward you with some high octane action! 

A nice example of this would be the RC Off Road Buggy. The buggy comes in a pretty strong body that is made of durable plastic and metal. Its inner parts are just as well made. The buggy has a top speed of a whopping 20km/h. It can be controlled from as far as 50 metres away. It is suitable for indoor and especially outdoor use. The thick tires will let the buggy move in the roughest of terrain, including sand and grass. It is guaranteed to provide your child with a sure shot of adrenaline every time they play with it! 

You can find all the amazing electronic products mentioned in this article, along with so many more, right here.       

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