Stuck At Home? Play Karaoke Microphone With your Kids

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Play Karaoke Microphone with your Kids

Now, it is understandable looking at the title that you might be quite puzzled. Why oh why would a karaoke microphone help us tide over these pandemic induced lockdowns that are so unpredictable!

Yep, the virus has been quite the mood damper for families all across the country. Really restricting our sense of movement. While we’re not in as much trouble as we used to be, the kids’ school vacation is upon us, and you know what that means. That’s right. There’s now a bunch of restless, happy-go-lucky children just waiting to burst outdoors every day and run about with their friends till they tire out. 

In any other year, this would have been absolutely fine. This time around, though, you’ll have to make sure they don’t mingle too much with other people and stay at home. Naturally, with limited activity options at home, your kids are going to become miserable very fast! 

At least they would have if it weren’t for the Karaoke Microphone & Speaker

Simply Brilliant and Meant for The Family!  

This gadget is such a nifty little invention. It combines two very basic pieces of equipment – a mic and a speaker. In such a brilliant way that it now becomes a must for any sing-along event! The basic anatomy of the device is simple. It is a regular handheld microphone that has the speaker attached right on the handle. That’s it! 

Such a slight modification was all it took to give karaoke microphone users many benefits. The main one being that you now have the means to provide the perfect entertainment for the entire family in the living room! 

The speaker is loud enough that it can reach every corner of the room easily. At the same time, it isn’t, you know, an industrial-grade speaker that is only meant for concerts and town halls – those will mess up your ears in a jiffy! 

Your Own Voice Gives you Joy 

If there’s one thing we know all too well from family karaoke night, it’s that it tends to expose, let’s say, our vocal shortcomings. Come on, you know what we’re talking about. It might seem like you’re poised to be the next breakout popstar while you’re humming to yourself, but a karaoke session tends to show you rather rudely that you need to practice singing aloud a lot more to be really good. We say rudely because you don’t really get to hear yourself while you’re singing. It’s from the giggling children and watching the recording later do you realize your embarrassing off-key moments.  

It’s time to say goodbye to all of that embarrassment with the Karaoke Microphone & Speaker though. With it you can now hear your own voice, as well the backing music as you sing. That’s right, with speakers being as close to you as they can be, you now get to realize how you sing while you’re doing it and adjust your singing voice accordingly. Hey, wouldn’t you know it – it saves you the blushes while also helping you practice better! What’s more, you can just have fun playing around with your voice. No, you didn’t hear us wrong – the Karaoke Microphone comes with settings right on the speaker to change how your voice sounds like. 

There is of course, the usual volume and play/pause buttons that are a must in every speaker. However, what is unique to the mic is the echo function, which can convert your words into that of a booming voice instantaneously. Your kids are definitely going to have fun playacting with this function and, let’s be honest, you will too. 

All in all, the Karaoke Microphone & Speaker is a great piece of equipment to have in your house. You can be sure that it’ll liven up any party you may have for your kids, and they’ll have to use it for a long, long time before ever getting bored of it. 

You can find this amazing product, along with so many more guaranteed to tickle your children’s fancy, right here.     

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