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Posie The Unicorn is from the wonderous land known as MADMIA LAND.

This majestic creature leaves irresistible bright rainbows everywhere it steps. The only thing that it loves more than making the world a colourful place is giving you a CUDDLE!

Detatches Posie from the amazingly colourful matching socks allows you to adventure together, where ever you are!

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Size Kids & Adult (6+)


In stock


Colour: Multi-Colour

Material: 70% nylon, 28% polyester, 2% spandex

Socks Sizes

Kids & Adults Socks

Our most popular size. These socks are ‘one size fits most’ and are suitable for ages 6 – 99. They can fit adults but we recommend up to shoe size EU 41 equivalent to women’s size 8/9 AU. Please note, they do have limited stretch around larger or muscular calves. Socks with less busy patterns such as (Mermaid Socks, Liquorice Bows Socks, Bows to Toes Socks) have better stretch and we highly recommend these patterns for adults to avoid stretch issues.

Washing & Care Instruction

Socks – Cold hand wash only with extra care with wings and other accessories.

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