Reasons Why Kids’ Science Kits are Good for Learning

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Science kits for kids

It is absolutely true that being a parent can be rewarding in so many ways. However, there are also going to be times where you just struggle to make sure your child is using their time productively. Sometimes, it feels like the only way to ensure they learn from their surroundings is to buy science kits for kids. 

Don’t get us wrong – there are definitely plenty of ways to be entertained today. It’s just that not a lot of these methods lead to your child gaining any credible knowledge or understanding of the things around them. Fortunately, science kits such as rock digging kits and tornado toys are in that rare category where they can let your kid have tonnes of fun while developing tonnes of brain power too!

Give Wings to your Kid’s Imagination

Science toys and equipment for kids are some of the best ways for your little one to learn the ins and outs of how the world works. However, these gadgets being effective at what they do isn’t just because of how they are developed. In fact, the main reason why science kits work so well is your kid themselves!

Confused? Well, it’s to do with the fact that children have one trait in abundance – a burgeoning sense of curiosity. When you’re a kid, the questions you have about the world are endless: “Why is the sky blue? Does that have something to do with the water being blue? Why do my fingers get wrinkly in water, while my clothes become much heavier?” The queries never stop, to the point where you can sometimes get annoyed by them! 

While answering questions directly gives them some idea of what’s happening, watching it unfold right before their eyes is the best way they could learn about something new. That is where science kits excel – they demonstrate things that you would struggle to explain even if you used a thousand words!      

Science Makes them go “Wow”!

Take this LED strip light, for example. We could spend so many hours going “Oh yes, Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, but this is a different kind of light”, and the kids wouldn’t be able to make head or tail of how they work. However, give them the remote in their hand and tell them to just switch on the light and choose any colour they want. Their eyes also light up instantly along with the LEDs! They immediately understand that these lights are nothing like the old ones in their textbooks, and want to know more. Thus they become more receptive to knowledge.

An extreme example is the phenomenon of cryptobiosis. Simply put, it is a process where in the face of really harsh conditions in its surroundings, an organism simply shuts down and becomes inactive. To any observer, it actually looks like it has passed on! Well, this is a very complex process, there’s no way a kid could even begin to understand it, right? Wrong! The science kit required to make them comprehend this is very basic and highly popular: sea monkeys!  

These animals are nothing more than really small shrimp that show cryptobiosis. And why they’re popular? It’s because they can be packed up for a long time and still activated. The Sea Monkeys: Ocean Volcano science kit will demonstrate. In it, all you have to do is add them to water and give them the growth food they need to live. Voila! The critters come to life and twirl about in the water! This simple experiment goes such a long way in helping children get what these big terms actually mean. And that is the true power of science kits. 
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