The Best Novelty Gifts for Children of Any Age Group

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The Best Novelty Gifts for Children of Any Age Group

The best novelty gift is the one that requires some thought put into it. You see, just because you spot an “incredible!” Wolverine claws at a convention don’t mean your child will be thrilled by it. However, the fantastic thing about carefully thought out quirky gifts is that they aren’t nearly as expensive as your top-of-the-line RC Copters and Transformer toys – yet the children who receive the gift are amazed by it all the same. 

Novelty gifts are a godsend in a day and age where we’d otherwise have to shell out big bucks to get a good enough gift for our precious ones. Simple, intriguing, and sometimes absolutely hilarious investing in quirky gifts is a must if you want your wallet to survive through a couple of birthdays. Here are some of the best novelty gifts that children of any age are going to enjoy.     

Comfy Sloths? You Got It! 

Ask your child what the best thing about coming back from school is. Their likely answer: the feeling of relief that washes over them as they just unwind on the couch. It’s an understandable sentiment that they’ve been put through the wringer at school. So naturally that they’d want to laze around for a little while at home. 

We cannot think of a more perfect companion while lazing around than these sloth slippers. This novelty gift is bound to delight your child; it is amazingly soft and has a cushioned insole – making it feel like you’re treading on air!

Slippery, Stretchy, Swirly, Slimy! 

If you’ve been anywhere near the kids’ side of YouTube, then you’d probably know all about slime. It’s safe to say the substance is now an internet sensation. And with kids clamouring to have a go at playing with them. To be fair, you can’t fault the little ones – slime combines all of the convenience of play-doh (and so much more) with the added benefit of being far more durable. Doesn’t this make for an amazing novelty gift to keep the little ones engaged?! 

This massive 1kg bucket of slime would be the ideal gift for any school-going kid. You’re in for hours of watching your child be amazed by the weird shapes the substance can take and how much it can be contorted! Now that’s a quirky gift that is also value-for-money! 

For The Musical Genius in Your Child!

Come on now, own up to it – you’ve most definitely caught your kid (and yourself) drumming an awesome solo on their desk at one point or another. Don’t worry! It’s a natural phenomenon – we are, by default, restless creatures who need to fidget and release pent-up energy. Drumming is an absolutely fine way to do it. And hey, who knows, your kid just might be a future superstar! 

This electronic drum mat may only be your kid’s first step to fame and fortune, but it is certainly the ultimate novelty gift! The set features a touch-sensitive pad that works both with fingers and other objects. You have a total of eight different instruments (five drums and three cymbals) to work with – that’ll get your child’s creative juices flowing! Best of all, there is a speaker attached to the mat so your child knows exactly how their composition would sound on a real set. A quirky gift that combines fun and actual learning in one package? Call that a win-win!

You can find all the amazing products mentioned in this article, along with so much more, right here.   

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