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Harry Potter Toys for Kids at Your Toy box

Ever since the books came out more than 20 years ago! The wondrous world of Harry Potter has enthralled kids and adults alike all over the world! Now, your kid may be too young to have read the books; they’re extremely lengthy, after all. However, they’ve most definitely seen Harry, Ron and Hermoine’s incredible adventures on the big screen. And wowed by Hogwarts so much that they want to be there too! You may not be able to get them enrolled in the school anytime soon. But getting some quality Harry Potter toys for the kids will definitely help. 

It must be said that there is a problem with going out and just buying whatever Potter merch you see. Like with any other massive franchise, there are many Harry Potter toys for sale with low-quality knock-offs. Finding the real deal, like this 1000 piece Deathly Hallows floor puzzle, for example, can be a headache sometimes – but don’t you worry, we have you covered! 

Did someone say magical chains?

If your child has finished seeing the third movie, The Prisoner of Azkaban, then trust us: the only thing on their mind right now is time travel! Yes, in this instalment of the franchise, Hermoine gets into all sorts of time-related hijinks because of a wonderful invention called the time-turner. With it, she reset the time back by a few hours and ended up saving the day. No wonder your child wishes they could do the same!

Real-life time-turners may be a thing of fiction, but you can give your child the next best thing: themed keychains! This six-pack premium keychain collection is a perfect gift for a kid (or an adult!) who wants to showcase their love for all things Harry Potter proudly. The collection includes one time-turner, four wands and one Gryffindor keychain – all of which are metal diecast and built to last. Be it dangling from their bags or attached to their bracelets. Your tot is now a certified Potterhead!

School’s feeling drab? Accio fun! 

For kids going to school, there is this unique sense of happiness to be gained by discussing the latest movies and books with their friends. You know exactly what we’re talking about; they might be saying it in hushed tones over the phone, but you just knew that your child was having a heated discussion over whether The Cursed Child is part of Potter lore or not. And when in class, it is always the opinion of the kid with the franchise’s stationery that wins in the end. Well, maybe not always, but you get what we mean. 

The Harry Potter pencil toppers pack, then, would be perfect for livening up your child’s school life! The pack contains 24 distinct collectable characters, all in cute animated forms. The toppers fit snugly on pencils and are guaranteed to style up your kid’s stationery supplies. 

Hey, you could even pair these up with the pack of stampers to let your child create an imprint of their favourite characters, wherever they want! Both these products in tandem will surely elevate your kid’s status among fellow Potterheads! In all seriousness, though, having such fun versions of their regular school supplies would probably help your kids like the learning process more and thus pay more attention to class. 

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