Top Toys for Improving Babies’ Language and Motion Skills

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Top Toys for Improving Babies’ Language and Motion Skills

The first few years of your precious one’s life are extremely important in most regards – requiring you to buy educational toys for babies under 12 months. 

Let us explain: for one, emotional development is happening. Infants learn to recognize right from wrong and react to them appropriately. Then there is their physical and mental development. Babies have an insane amount of growth when it comes to moving their limbs and learning new languages. A surefire way to supplement that first year of learning (and beyond) is by getting some educational toys for babies. 

In this piece, we’ll be going over some tips to make sure you buy the best educational toys in Australia for your little one and help achieve their best growth. With the right parenting and education, your baby will be a strong little toddler in no time!  

To Sharpen that Curious Mind 

One of the best ways to speed up the mental development of a baby is to stimulate them using the things they love the most. Most babies at that age have a strong affinity for pleasant sounds and soothing textures. That is why, when buying educational baby toys for 2-6 months old tots, you simply can’t go wrong with interactive picture books.

Take, for example, this “At the Beach” interactive touch and feel book by Mizzie. The book contains beautiful illustrations of the sandy shore with different textures on each page. Your baby will be learning so many sensory cues simply from touching and flipping the pages! As they grow older, the large and simple writing in the book will help them learn the basics of the English language. 

What about some calming sounds for my baby to relax to, we hear you ask. Wouldn’t you know it? Mizzie has you covered there too! Their “Sing with Mizzie – Nursery Rhymes” sound book is a perfect educational toy for babies. The songbook has six full nursery rhymes that start playing at the press of a button. This book will surely help your kid have peaceful nights and inspire a love for singing and listening in the long run. 

Time for Your Child to Get Proactive 

After the initial period of passive learning, it is time for your toddler to get active. Babies at the age of 2-3 years are full of energy anyway – all you have to do is get them an educational toy as an outlet for this energy. 

We’d suggest getting them toys that they can use in whatever capacity – be it for scribbling, shouting into, dragging behind or even throwing around! Their ceaseless energy while playing with their toys will translate to massive strides in physical and mental development. 

An excellent educational toy for babies in this regard is the Handy Dandy 2-sided Notebook from Blue’s Clues and You! The “notebook” is actually a writable surface on one side. Scribble to your heart’s content and simply erase it using magnets! On the other side is a digital display which, when used, produces some of Blue’s most iconic lines from the show. This toy is a must for any kid smitten by the lovely blue dog! 

Floor puzzles are another excellent way for them to exercise their mental prowess – which is why the Hopping Around Australia puzzle from Mizzie is very useful, indeed. The box contains three puzzles that are of the perfect difficulty level for a toddler. Each puzzle depicts a classic Australian staple – be it the outback, the beaches or Sydney’s beautiful harbour. That makes it the best option for a lesson in Aussie culture too!    

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