Why Soft Toys are Absolutely Amazing!

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soft toys are absolutely amazing

Soft toys provide endless entertainment for tiny tots. There’s just something about hugging a plushie and dragging it around with you that gives a baby great joy! 

Plushies are soft toys for babies specifically made so that they can be handled without a lot of maintenance. They usually come in bright colours and have very appealing themes going for them. All of this is to ensure the child loves the toy and knows that they can express all of their emotions to the toy without hesitation. 

A Baby’s Best Friend

Think about it. Soft toys are usually the first playthings a baby has. Right around the time, it is learning to emote and interact with the world. Your little one is just beginning to learn what gestures mean. They start to know what is right from what isn’t, what is acceptable and what isn’t; plushies are a very forgiving means of understanding these topics. 

Your baby could squeeze it with many loving hugs or give it a big bite out of childlike frustration (or maybe it’s just curious!). The plushie wouldn’t mind that at all and keep ticking. Incredibly, it turns out that a soft toy is the first safe space we humans encounter, and there’s something very wholesome about that. 

Safety First 

To add to your mental comfort, soft toys these days come with extra safety elements to protect your child. Take the example of this cute plushie of the dog Blue from Nickelodeon’s kid’s TV show Blue’s Clues and You! 

This is already a perfect toy because of how recognizable it is, and your child is going to love playing with it. However, its safety features are made so much better: the soft toy is, by design, made completely out of super soft fabric. This ensures that your baby’s skin is not irritated by rough surfaces and also avoids any hard knocks when it is being thrown around. Another big plus is the fact that the toy is a single large piece, completely eliminating the dangers of choking hazards for your precious child. 

A Great Learning Experience, Even While Horsing Around!

Another very recognizable animal soft toy for babies would be the horses from the very popular TV series My Little Pony. Your little one has most definitely fallen in love with their adorable shenanigans, and it is time to have fun with them in the real world too! These cute and cuddly horses are extremely soft to the touch and come in very vibrant colours that your child is sure to squeal over! What’s more, there are 12 different characters that you can collect, making sure your child can frolic around with the entire pony squad!

But hey, we get you – as much fun as these plushies are, they would be even more awesome if they also taught your child something down the road. Well, no worries! The Twinkle Plush from Little Baby Bum suits your needs perfectly! Of course, the soft toy by itself is absolutely lovely, with its large eyes and beautiful smile. But its main attraction is the fact that the plushie can actually play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, all with a touch of a button! The soothing music is definitely a boon in helping you calm your baby down. 

But wait – there’s more! The plush toy also comes with a trail blanket, with which your baby can cuddle right up and sleep. And before you get worried about keeping the plushie clean, we assure you it is very easy to do so. Just pop out the battery compartment and the soft toy becomes machine washable! All in all, this makes the Twinkle Plush a perfect toy even for a growing tot.

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