Why Toys Are Important for Child Development?

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Best toys for child development

One of the core responsibilities that you feel now as an adult is the pressure of buying the right toys for your children. But why is buying toys such an important task, you may have wondered.  

The thing is, the toys that we play with aren’t just tools for entertainment (although they are extremely effective for that purpose). Our adult lives have been subtly shaped by our social experiences in our childhoods – and playing with toys, be it alone in our homes or outside with our friends, is a big factor in these experiences. 

It is already quite well known that toys help massively with improvement of crucial skills such as critical thinking and memory retention. However, the benefit of having playthings is beyond just improving their brain power and motor skills. You see, the toy a child plays with, say a soccer ball dictates their behaviour and even their preferences. In later years, this influences their interests in fields of life such as sports or academics. 

Age: 0-2 Years    

  • Babies are at their peak in terms of retaining information. 
  • You need toys to help them process the new, strange things they see around them.
  • Toys that introduce them to new things by both sight and touch are highly recommended.

The Interactive Touch and Feel Mizzie Baby Book

  • The book is replete with textured images of animals and objects. 
  • Names and descriptions of the images are also given. 
  • Parents can have an amazing time explaining the pages as children are touching them. 

Age: 3-5 Years 

  • Kids begin to develop fine motor skills as they learn to move around. 
  • Toys that can be used for multiple purposes are recommended. 
  • A big plus if they can be assembled/disassembled (without a lot of moving parts).  
  • Go for ones that are bright and have big parts – choking hazards are a real danger! 

Little Tikes Kingdom Builders Pets 

  • Come in three easy to recognize animals – a fish, a crocodile and a dog. 
  • Animals are harmless, toy versions of common tools – saws, measuring tapes and levels. 
  • Brightly coloured and are one solid piece – appealing and safe to play with. 

Age: 6-8 Years 

  • Kids have developed a natural curiosity by this time. 
  • Right time to get them into science – trying to explain nature and events. 
  • Showing them that “boring stuff” can be fun too will prepare them better for learning later on.

Little Tikes Tornado Tower 

  • A lava lamp and tornado toy – rolled into one neat package! 
  • Canister can be filled with water and simulates a tornado using a joystick.
  • Alternatively, it can be used as a lava lamp by using the hand pump. 
  • Use this to demonstrate how tornadoes work in real life + movement of air bubbles in water! 

Age: 9-11 Years 

  • Kids become more interested in learning the know-how of stuff around the house. 
  • Also interested in technology more – not just devices but also circuits and batteries. 
  • Get a toy that scratches that tech itch and spruces up their room at the same time. 

LED Message Board 

  • Can be programmed to light up whatever message you want. 
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface even for a child. 
  • Perfect as a small display board in your child’s bedroom.   

As a parent, the important job is to introduce the best toys for your child at the right age to make sure they grow well both in physical and mental terms. We hope this article helped you determine the appropriate toy for your kid. Good luck and happy shopping!

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